Export & logistics

Makoa exports in Europe and towards Africa, to e-commerce websites, to supermarkets, discounters, independents, importers and wholesalers.

We try to improve our services for you every day  :

  • with a broader assortment including now beside laundry- and home-care, also for example floor cloth, raclettes, sponges, hand dish wash brushes, etc.
  • by being easily reachable and getting to know you and your needs better, thanks to our trips to Africa 
    • by ourselves : I personally traveled several times to Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.
    • or thanks to the collaboration with external agents who travel on a regular base a.o. in Chad, Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Conakry.
  • thanks to an every day better retail & logistic knowledge
  • by giving you a quicker response thanks to IT improvements/investments

Makoa-stock-40' container High Cube

We assist you in a flexible way :

  • in giving you an estimation beforehand of the volume and weight of your order
  • in reserving for you the stocks you are interested in during two à three weeks without payment, in order that you can complete the container at your ease
  • in liaising with the shipper, providing all the required documentations for specific countries as well as arranging transport, storage and shipping on your behalf
  • we can also source any other product to suit your specific requirements
  • we will provide you the first class service whether your order is for full containers, mixed containers, hand loaded containers, full pallets or mixed pallets.

Makoa-picture of handloaded 40' high cube container for export towards Africa

How does it work concretely ?

  1. we send you updated lists of the avaible stocks in Excel
  2. you send us your choice in amount of boxes in the Excel lists
  3. we send you a pro forma with an estimation of the volume and the weight, and reserve the stocks for you
  4. within two à maximum three weeks, you complete the order if necessary and send us the pro forma signed as a confirmation of your order, with the general sales conditions signed
  5. we deliver the goods where you want or fill the container for you, after payment