Our values

Values are very important to us. There are many of course. Here the three most important maybe :

  • Honesty : honesty enables trust. Trust enables partnership. Partnership enables growth and value creation for all. Without honesty, business becomes a hell and a permanent fight. Who wants that ?
  • Mutual respect : no soul is superior nor inferior to another soul, no company neither. So, respect everybody and make yourself respected. That’s our vision, for business too. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. The goal of life is not to struggle or fight all the time but is joy. The word “work” should be rethought to become “place of joy”.
  • Excellence : winning or losing is a negative mindset. Even the well-known Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal wrote in one of its books that he has always – and particularly during a match – to avoid any thought about losing, but also and surprisingly any thought about winning. Why ? Both types of thoughts generate expectation, and expectation generates negative pressure. The only thing Rafael Nadal focuses about is playing its best tennis, doing its best every second without any pressure, in a total freedom to be able to exploit its full potential. Makoa strives for excellence, every day a bit more, with positive thoughts to generate  positive pressure.